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AppFoundation, Inc.

Plano, TX, USA

  • Employees:
  • Minimum Project Size:
    • Ext JS,
    • Architect,
    • Sencha Touch
    • JavaScript,
    • Java,
    • CSS,
    • Sass/Less,
    • Selenium (JavaScript),
    • Angular,
    • AWS,
    • Cordova,
    • Git,
    • MongoDB,
    • MySQL,
    • node.js,
    • Oracle,
    • Perl,
    • PHP,
    • PostgreSQL,
    • SVN,
    • SQL Server,
    • TypeScript
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    AppFoundation is a professional services firm that provides custom web, mobile, and desktop application development. We deliver stunning UX designs paired with JavaScript technologies to bring them to life. As experts in Ext JS, Angular, Java, AWS, and many database products, AppFoundation can help deliver your enterprise applications with top notch developers.


    Yoxxie Event App

    Yoxxie has been designed to deliver rapid insights throughout the life of your event through its digital customer experience. Your event data is being generated by attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and sessions at all times. With a Yoxxie event app, we make it easy for planners to extract meaningful value from the event.

    Fleetpride Valence Portal

    The apps were delivered through the Valence portal. This allows administrators to secure applications by user groups. The Portal was opened up to several groups within FleetPride. With the benefits of ExtJS and Valence tools we were able to speed up development of these apps in a fast and efficient manner

    Active Job Listings

    No active listings available.


    1. AppFoundation did a fantastic job setting up some websites for internal business applications. The sites were clean, well-organized with rich functionality. The work was done on budget and delivered as scheduled. They were also a pleasure to work with and helped educate our staff.

      Director, Enterprise Applications, (2015)

    2. AppFoundation is a very solid and professional provider of programming services at all levels of a project life cycle. AppFoundation has been on-task and on-time with our ExtJS projects. Their staff are very friendly, personable, and are able to communicate the complexities surrounding Web 2.0 JS development using ExtJS 5. I am glad to have worked with AppFoundation.

      Programmer Analyst, FleetPride, Inc (2015)

    3. I have had a great experience with AppFoundation. I expect I will have many more projects in the future and intend to use AppFoundation to help me develop mobile solutions.

      Chief Strategy Officer, Frozen Fire (2014)

    4. AppFoundation was brought to Heartland to work on a complex web portal solution based on extJS. The team was able to successfully develop a significant amount of functionality during the allotted timeframe. I was very pleased with the amount of work that was done and the ownership of requirements that was demonstrated. Subsequent to the web effort, they worked on several SenchaTouch mobile applications that were well received.

      Director of Merchant Technologies, Heartland Payment Systems (2012)

    5. The AppFoundation team developed a tablet User Interface designs for the mobile and tablet platforms along with technical training in support of our development teams. Their work aided us in achieving our business objectives in the mobile space.

      Director Software Development, Fiserv Corp. (2012)

    6. I worked with AppFoundation at Heartland Payment System from 2012 to 2013. I was impress with their ability to deliver the project on time.

      Consultant, Heartland Payment System (2012)

    7. AppFoundation did a great job on ground development of our cloud-based software product.

      CEO, Site Selection Group, LLC (2012)

    8. AppFoundation brought a wealth of experience and best practice software frameworks to my project which saved time and money and allowed our team to quickly deploy Enterprise Ext JS applications.

      Software Development Manager, Heartland Payment Systems (2012)