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Software Engineer: ExtJS 5+, Perl, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • Full-Time Job
  • Location:
  • Posted:
    5 years ago
  • Job Description


    IntelliSurvey develops cutting-edge software for web surveys and online reports. Sure, there are many ways to deploy simple web surveys, but we focus on the most complex and tricky projects. For example, we run Fortune's Most Admired Company's survey, which goes out to thousands of CEOs and Fortune 1000 board members. We handle complex surveys that go out to hundreds of doctors, with each one being paid a few hundred bucks to take the survey. So our software has to handle things like quotas, complex branching, fraud detection, and many other things that simple tools don't even think of doing. We also need advanced tools that allow clients to slice and dice the survey data we collect.

    IntelliSurvey, Inc. has an exciting opportunity for a Software Engineer to join our team. We aren't looking for people to program surveys (at least not with this posting). We already have another team that does survey programming and works with market research clients on a daily basis.

    This position is about finding candidates to build the software that builds the surveys. We are looking for programmers who can write clean, modular code to help us extend and improve our software. As a Software Engineer, you must be highly motivated self-starter who enjoys ownership and responsibility while working in a collaborative and interdependent team environment.

    This position is unique and there is the opportunity to either specialize in one area of our operations (e.g. back end or UI), or wear many hats and be more of a full-stack position, if that is your preferred style.

    Position Responsibilities

    JavaScript - Front End Developer (UI)
    - Develop applications with JavaScript for front-end code, including ExtJS and jQuery libraries
    - Develop automated web tests

    Back End Developer
    - Develop object-oriented Mondern Perl (Moose) code; Plack/PSGI
    - Develop applications using object-oriented Perl (Moose) and Plack/PSGI, for back-end code
    - Knowledgeable in PostgreSQL database, MongoDB, interphacing through Perl DBI
    - Maintain the database

    - git for version control, with Atlassian tools such as JIRA for ticket tracking and Fisheye/Crucible for code reviews
    - Linux with CentOS and Citrix virtualization software
    - nginx web server with the uwsgi application server

    - Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or related field or 2 years professional experience.
    - Fluent in OO JavaScript or Modern Perl to write good, concise code
    - Firm understanding of OOP design and database concepts
    - Excellent verbal and written communication skills; including problem solving skills, prioritization and time management skills
    - Collaborate with team members
    - Translate requirements into functional code and document code appropriately

    About IntelliSurvey, Inc.

    We're a small, growing company. Currently we have about 80 employees, and we are planning to grow significantly over the new few years. We are funded entirely through operating cash flow, however, so we are stable and free to grow at our own pace.

    We offer competitive benefit package; such as a retirement plan with company match, health and dental insurance, stock options, and so on. Many of our employees work remotely, so our offices in Ladera Ranch, CA are small. We are very flexible and focus on results rather than face time. After initial training, our development team members can have flexible work hours and some work from home arrangements as well.

    People who are self-starters and can work independently will fit in well with our team.

    Required experience: Programming: 2 years

    To Apply

    Please submit your resume online. If you have questions, please contact the corporate headquarters at 949-238-6352.

    Please submit your cover letter and resume with your salary requirements.

    We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and provide equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment.

  • Ladera Ranch, CA, USA
  • Keywords:
  • Ext JS,
  • JavaScript,
  • CSS,
  • Sass/Less,
  • Git,
  • MongoDB,
  • Perl